Chanakya Series

Chanakya Series, is a unique, one of its kind progam, that helps build logical ability and critical thinking from an early age. The series, divided into 5 levels, starts with level 1 for children in the age group of 10 to 13 and ends at level 5 for professionals preparing for interviews.

While the test series are not aimed at any one particular exam, going through each level and solving the problems provides one a very strong foundation that helps in approaching such problems with a clear and trained mind.

Online Test Series

One can begin at any level based on one’s skill level and requirement and progress to higher levels gradually. The certification for each level is independent of previous levels. The details of the test series at each level and the number of tests covered are provided below.

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
No. of Topic Tests 20 20 25 30 30
No. of Full Length Tests 10 10 15 20 20
Total Questions 500 500 825 1200 1000


An e-certificate will be provided at every level, to the participant on completion of the level. The details of the grades are as below.

One-on-One Tutoring

RankerEdge's expert tutors can also offer guidance at various stages of the learning process through online tutoring. One can choose to take the test series only and go through the tests or choose to take both test series as well as online tutoring.

FREE Discovery Test

You can try our FREE Discovery test before subscribing to a test series. Select the discovery test that is apt for you, click on the 'Next' button under 'CART' section, subscribe and take the test to get detailed analysis.


Level 1

This level is aimed for students in the age group 10 to 13 years and helps in building logical ability from an early age.

Level 2

This level is aimed for students in the age group 14 to 16 years. This together with Level 1, will help lay the foundation for understanding problems on logical reasoning.

Level 3

This level is aimed for students in the age group 17 to 18 years and helps in preparing for competitive and entrace exams for graduate college admissions.

Level 4

At this level, you will be practising for competitive exams. The problems you get to solve will help you understand problems on logical ability and critical reasoning better.

Level 5

This level is for college graduates, professionals preparing for interviews. You will get to solve puzzles and algorithm based problems that help you face interviews with confidence.